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Welcome to MPL Studios, The Artistic Nude celebrates softness and innocence; it explores natural beauty in simple surroundings and dramatic outdoor locations. For some models, it represents a coming of age. It's a pure art form and it's timeless. The Erotic Nude is not nearly so modest. It captures raw energy and sexual desire. It recognizes the female form as both aesthetically beautiful, and sexually desired. Lifestyle sets are simple and comfortable. They celebrate girls being girls, not worried about hair, makeup, or holding that perfect pose. There is a certain honesty about these photos that is unmatched. It gives viewers a rare glimpse of what each girl is really like. Lifestyle sets feature behind the scenes pics and casual outdoor glamour shoots. It you think these young models look sexy out of clothes, wait until you see them walking down the street or hanging out at a local cafe! Only MPL Studios provides the model, the fantasy, and the girl behind the fantasy. We're happy you've joined us for this unique celebration of youth, natural beauty, and artistic, erotic, expression. Enjoy!

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